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West Bay St Hotel/ Resort Cable Beach
New Providence
Offered at: $5,300,000.00 For Sale
Listing#: 10324 | Hotels/Resorts | Hotels/Resorts
The front building is a 3-storey complex. Dormas on the roof, central air conditioned in units, lobby area, reception area, meeting hall, restaurant, bar, kitchen, beauty salon, and spa.
NEIGHBOURHOOD: A prime developed area West of Sandy Port Million Dollar Development West Bay St. Property values are in demand with values in the Millions. The beach is nearby, which contributes to it being a Touristic Area.
SITE IMPROVEMENT: The property has been graded down at the front and asphalt paved for parking. Boundary walls and  flower troughs are added features to its security and beautification.
BUILDING IMPROVEMENT: Erected on the property are (3) distinct buildings to form the Hotel development.
     FRONT BUILDING- A (3) floor complex constructed of 8" concrete block walls on poured concrete foundation and roofed with asphalt shingles. Interior floors are tiled and carpented, ceilings are sheet rock finished, plated glass windows/doors, standard electrical and plumbing fixtures, Dormas on roof. Ventillation is by central air condition units.
CONDITION: Good, both Interior and Exterior. Roof is relatively new. Building has been painted recently.
AGE: Effectively 20 years old. Remaining economic life is 30 years.
GROSS AREA: Total Area Approx: 14, 215 sq ft excluding balconies.
     GROUND FLOOR- Lobby Area, Reception, Meeting Hall, Restaurant, Bar, Kitchen, Lounge and 2 Rest Rooms. A separate Beauty Salon with Spa.
     1st FLOOR-8 Regular Guest Rental Rooms and 2 individual Suite.
     2nd FLOOR-6 Guest Rooms all with Private Bathrooms.
     A two (2) storey masonry structure with asphalt shingle roof. Finishes are the same as (1) above.
CONDITION0 Good, both Interior and Exterior.
AGE: 18-20 years old. Remaining economic life is 30-32 years.
GROSS ARE: Floor Area Approx 5, 820 sq ft.
ACCOMMODATION: 12 individual 1 bedroom units each with private bathrooms and furnished.
THIRD BUILDING: A two (2) storey masonry building identical to 2nd building above.
CONDITION: Good, both Interior and Exterior.
AGE: 18-20 years. Remaining economic life is 30-32 years.
GROSS AREA: Approx 6,120 sq ft. including Laundry House.
ACCOMMODATION: 12 Guest Rooms each with private bathrooms and furnished.
OTHER BUILDING: An open bar with Service Counter and Storage Space.
CONDITION: Good, both Interior and Exterior. Building has recently been painted.
Property Features
  • Lot Size 870 Acres
  • Bahamian Style
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  • Window AC Units
  • Generator
  • Security Screens
  • Beach Access
  • Parking Area
  • Enclosed Yard
  • Landscaped Yard
  • Laundry Facility
  • Furnished
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Deck
Mortgage Calculation
Offer Price: $5,300,000.00
*Government Stamp Tax @ 6%: $318,000.00
Legal Fees @ 2.5%: $132,500.00
Down Payment @ 10%: $530,000.00
Offer Price + Fees - Down Payment: $5,220,500.00 | Amortize
* The calculation shows the 12% Government Stamp Tax share between buyer and seller.
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Osbourne  Stuart CRS, CRES, BRI, SVC

T: 242-323-7901
M: 242-423-8822
F: 242-328-2037

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